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Nayarit Timeshare Scams

Buyers beware of Nayarit timeshare scams.  They promise something like this picture but have you already showed up to something much different?

We’ve all been to these types of timeshare meetings: they claim you will get a beautiful property in Nayarit for a few weeks out of the year, and it’s at a great price. But then you have to sign all sorts of contracts, and maybe you didn’t even get to see the property. It’s amazing how they try to mess with you with the free dinners, and a lot more shady stuff. Some of these companies even hire plants to be in with you in the meeting, the sad truth is they sit there and attend every meeting secretly. This is to build your confidence and get you to buy something you don’t even want. It’s very hard to get out of a timeshare like this, because of the fact that you signed a contract.  Find out more right here.

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