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Timeshare Buy Back Programs - Not likely!


Timeshares do not come with a buy back program or money back guarantee for a reason. They want you to stick with the amount or fee that you agreed to pay years ago. That’s why they can’t offer a buy back program, because you have been overpaying the entire time. Click here to learn more.



Over time, properties depreciate especially if they are not maintained by the owner. As a renter, this is not your responsibility. If you own a timeshare or a rental vacation, you are a renter. The market value that was determined at the time you signed the agreement or contract is what you will be paying forever. The alarming part is that just within a couple of years in some cases you will be vastly overpaying.



The way that the market works is that all properties simply depreciate or lose some of their value over time. A good timeshare company does maintenance of their property so this doesn’t happen, of course bad ones don’t, so over time no matter what you are guaranteed to be stuck with a worse off property that you signed to rent years ago. Of course, if the market happens to go up for your particular area, I’m sure the timeshare company would be quick to let you know so they can charge you more!




So if you were looking to get out of your timeshare, your timeshare company almost certainly does not offer one. They would not buy it back because you have been overpaying the entire time, and just after a few years, you will be vastly overpaying. So they would have to pay their own scam inflated fee to buy it back. This is why timeshare companies don’t offer buy back programs and why you’re having such trouble finding one. However there are businesses that offer ways to get you out of your timeshare.




Timeshare companies do not report to credit authorities or housing agencies so they can make up the cost of the timeshare or rental vacation. So why would they ever “buy back” what they sold to you? They would be overpaying because of their own rule. Not even timeshare companies will play by their own rules. You should be seeing how most timeshares are scams. If you are a victim of one of these timeshare or vacation rental scams, you still have a way out because there are businesses that will help you. It only takes just a little bit of logic and effort to see through timeshare scams, unfortunately the only information you had at the time was the nice fake dinner that the timeshare company put on for you. You have probably signed a timeshare contract that you don’t want anymore. You probably over paid the first year and now that you’ve read this, you understand the basic idea of how depreciation works, and that the fee for renting the timeshare is fixed, so you’re vastly overpaying now.




The longer you actually start to look at the terms of your timeshare or vacation rental property, the more you start to see how it is a scam, and how you don’t want it anymore. Unfortunately you won’t be able to just terminate the contract without help. There are businesses out there to help you with getting rid of the burden and selling off your timeshare. Here are some that we recommend.


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